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Caring For Your Salt Crystal Lamps & Candleholders
Changing the Light Bulb - GAMMA Quick-Change Light Bulb AssemblyTM

Salt has hygroscopic properties, which means that it draws water from the surrounding atmosphere. Salt Crystal Lamps should therefore never be sprinkled with water, kept in a moist room or be placed outdoors. Sometimes, in particularly moist or humid conditions, the lamp surface may be slightly damp to the touch. Lighting it for a few hours dries it very quickly.

If crystallization occurs, just wiping with a damp cloth will get rid of it. For most everyday situations, this is not a concern. It is recommended that you light your lamp every day for the best air purifying results, and you can leave your lamps on for as long as possible. This will not only maintain a constant negative ionizing process, but also repel excess moisture build up around the lamp.

If you plan not to use the lamp for long periods of time, just put a plastic bag over the lamp to protect it from humidity.

How to clean your salt lamp:
Wipe the lamp with a damp (not soaking wet) towel or sponge in order to remove dust. Once cleaned, dry the lamp with a paper towel or turn on the lamp for a while.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.
Always unplug the lamp before changing the light bulb to prevent electric shock.

If you choose to place a Salt Crystal Lamp on a wooden surface, please ensure that it has a waterproof base so that you do not damage your furniture.

Please use tea lights for candleholders.

Unique: GAMMA Quick-Change Light Bulb AssemblyTM

Our Salt Lamps

Our quick-change light bulb assemblyTM eliminates the potential hazard of a loose bulb breaking and the time-consuming struggle of changing the light bulb.

Just squeeze, and pull it out. Change the bulb, snap the assembly back in and turn your salt lamp back on. Enjoy!

Their Salt Crystal Lamps - Not Easy At All...

Salt Crystal Lamps - Changing the light bulb in the competitions lamp
With Their Salt Lamps

With the competitions salt lamps, you have to fumble around with a screwdriver or try to stick your fingers inside to get the bulb out.

Be careful not to loosen the wires or break the light bulb!

Appropriate Light Bulb Sizes:

7 watts for a small lamp.

15-25 watts for a medium lamp.

25 watts for a large lamp.

40 watts for an X-large lamp.

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